2 comments on “Pezz. No Best Before Date With This Talent.

  1. Awesome! Quite possibly my favorite Canadian band of all time. These guys grew up in Streetsville Mississauga where I’ve lived a large portion of my life and if you ever make it to the area you can feel the pride people have for what these boys have accomplished.

    9 years they spent grinding before they finally got their break and burst out onto the scene. A lesson to all musicians and bands that success doesn’t come over night, it’s earned in blood, sweat, tears, time and thousands of dollars spent on a dream that has no guarantee of coming to fruition. But if you absolutely refuse to fail, then success is simply an inevitability.

    My only regret is that I’ve never personally seen them live. But own every album and love every song.

    Good review! Glad you enjoyed the show! : D


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