7 comments on “KISS THIS!

    • Shannon Tweed-Simmons shared this review for me.
      I approach all my reviews with facts and fun.
      If you think you could do better and get your review shared by Shannon, go ahead.
      I really enjoyed the KISS show. I payed my own way in and was accompanied by my 13 year old daughter, who came away with Paul Stanleys guitar pick. I flew to Seattle four hours later to attend the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee show, again with my 13 year old.
      If you can’t handle humor and truth you really should stay away from my site.

      Just out of curiosity, because I really don’t give a flying fuck what you think Steve. Why did you think that my attitude was shitty? Coming from a twat that is rude and gives no explanation as to his own attitude, it is quite a perplexing comment.


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      • It clearly says are they making new music, probably not. I cam read just fine. I love how people say they dont want to be rude and then proceed to be rude. Have a nice day


      • Actually Jeremy, you still have not read correctly. It CLEARLY says “are they still making original music? Probably not…” So different than what you said.
        KISS did make a new record last year, yes. Was it original, new and exciting? Probably not. Did it sound like KISS, yes.
        Opinion is a personal thing. You didn’t actually make a point on whether you enjoyed it or not and I do try not to be rude, but when you come back a second time to tell me something I wrote is not what I wrote I’m confident my rudeness the first time around was justified and I am entitled to be a bit pissed!
        I do proof read what I write!


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