4 comments on “Facebook leaves performers and artists endless…nameless

  1. a friend of mine, also a musician for decades, was also forced by facebook to change his name to his birth name….when they questioned facebook, facebook told them it was to ‘weed out child molesters”. this use your real name policy doesnt weed out anybody but possibly the artist whos name the fans know, as opposed to their given name, which the fans might not know. yet as the admin of a rock n roll page, i see requests to join from names you know are so not the given names. i dont agree with their policy, nor do i agree with the ‘u must only have 5000 friends’….but they need to do more research before they dump that policy down peoples throats…nobody knows him by reginald dwight and since elton john legally changed his name, you dont have to…but just because an artist doesnt legally change their name doesnt mean it isnt the name they go by. this policy is insane


  2. I do a radio show and was going to change my name on FB because of that but won’t now, one of the other DJs all but disappeared and had to set up a new profile (after FB made him revert to his birth name) because no-one could find him or tag him so he had to re-friend everyone to let them know what had happened. I know FB is a ‘free’ service but if everybody left there would be no FB and no business.For this reason I suggest (as the saying goes) they wind their necks in and allow people to be the people they are ! It astounds me that racist, homophobic and sexist posts and comments are seen on FB all the time and when reported we are told they are not breaking FB rules, but someone can’t call themselves “Rocky Shades” despite the fact that that is the name on all their albums and pictures and how they are referred to in the rest of the media.!!
    It is time this company got it’s priorities and morals in the right order or it might just find itself being spoken about in the same breath as MySpace , Who? ….. Exactly !!


  3. Thank you Karen. Amazingly enough… FB reinstated his account as Bam and using his real last name. We appreciate your support!!!! And yes… FB needs to allow people to use their site with the names they are known by.

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