9 comments on “Believe it. Bobbie Brown is back!

  1. Bobbie is a needle in a haystack; a true gem found in a sea of inauthentic, shallow people. It’s pretty well known that the music industry is rife with abuse and Bobbie, having been tangled in it with her famous past partners, is also a victim of it. I think Tommy Lee is a man with a plethora of issues and also is an abuser. He abused Bobbie as well as Pamela Anderson and he needs to be called out on it. I have zero respect for Tommy Lee.
    It always bothered me how much Bobbie cared for Tommy back then, he clearly is a slime bag and she is way above and beyond a better person than he could ever be. Bobbie tugs at my heart. She doesn’t realize her own value and never has known just how lovely she is, beyond the beautiful face and former beauty crowns. But, she falls for broken men; addicts, abusers, who tend to treat her like garbage and she turns it on herself and asks why me, what is wrong with me? When it is never you, Bobbie – it’s them! Their behavior is about them! (I give Jani a pass, though, as Jani definitely loved Bobbie, he was also a victim and I do not blame Jani one bit.)
    Bobbie has such an inner child and she is vulnerable to those who prey upon her innocence…because she is authentic and very deeply kind.
    I’ve been rooting for Bobbie Jean Brown since Cherry Pie, and I’m still rooting for her.


  2. Agreed, Take your slander and bad vibes back to where you came from. I’ve met Bobbie and spoken to her on numerous occasions. She is one of the most caring people I have met in Hollywood.


  3. The problem with addicts?…everyone in Hollywood knows that Bobbie Brown is a methamphetamine addict. She used to date her dealer.


    • You know, this is neither a gossip column or a place to post your slander. I merely interview and write up an article based on what I talk about my interviewee with.
      I ALWAYS send back my draft to my subject to proof.
      Of course, there are always those that know better, or feel they should have an opinion. That is fine and I am willing to give your malicious gossip space here so that the world may see you for what YOU are.
      Bobbie is nothing, if not caring, understanding, humane and beautiful, inside and out.
      It is irrelevant whether addiction is, was or will be a part if her life.
      YOU should be ashamed.
      KG Editor.


    • I don’t think that is true, and is very mean. Just one look at her clear skin, eyes & healthy teeth clearly state just the exact opposite.


    • I think Bobbie is beautiful. I’m sure it must drive some women crazy that she is still just as beautiful today as she was 20 years ago.


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