2 comments on “The Goddess Hits Hard

  1. This is a Great Story About Athena! As a Women I am So PROUD of Her..She Never stops Making Things Right for Her and Her Beautiful Children.My Daughter and I Love Her and Her Daughter Tobi..we make sure they get Something special From Canada every Christmas.Athena is a Rawk Legend Already! What can she NOT DO? Don’t ask me! I Simply adore Athena and also am Proud of her Taking chances and risks that are GOOD for Her!! Shes always busy keeping Her Ducks in a row!! Athena We Love you Donna and Chell Worden Live,Love and Happyness You Rawk Goddess

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  2. You are one that has an interesting story to tell Athena, I acually met you back in the eighties when you were with Punky, we had some mutual friends, great to see you rose up from all the craziness and failed marriages I’ve had my share as well, I wish you all the best, you were always sweet to me….
    Danielmark(the Clampit guy)


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